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CNBLUE - Love In The Rain Lyrics

CNBLUE - Love In The Rain Lyrics

This is an acoustic song titled "Love In The Rain" from CNBLUE's first album titled "First Step". The song was performed on their comeback stage at M Countdown. Netizens thought this song is very sweet and very unique.

These Love In The Rain Lyrics will be updated without any notifications. Love In The Rain video recorded by CNBLUE is located above.


changgae heureuneun bitmure sumgyeonoheun geudael tteoolligo
gaseume heureuneun nunmullo geudaereul jiwobogon hajyo
i sorireul deutgo itjyo bireul johahadeon geudaedo
nareul gieokhanayo bigaomyeon naneun geudael geuryeoyo

sarangeun bireul tago naeryeo chueogeun bireul tago heulleo
naerineun bissorie tto geudael tteoollyeoyo
nunmureun bireul tago naeryeo gieogeun bireul tago heulleo
gudeun gaseum jeoksyeo noko tteonaganeyo bireul tago

geudaen bireul bomyeon bireul darma seulpeojindago malhaetjyo
uriui sarangdo ijen bireul darma beorin yaegiijyo
geudaen tteonagasseodo nareul gieokhaejwoyo (nareul gieokhaejwoyo)
geuriumi manhaseo chaoreul ttae biga bureul tenikka

nareul ijeotdeorado (nareul ijeotdeorado)
dasi gieokhaejwoyo (dasi gieokhaejwoyo)
geuriumi manhaseo chaoreul ttae biga bureul tenikka

eodiseodeun haengbokhagireul eodiseodeun utgo itgireul
bireul darma seulpeun sarang geuman hagireul
igeotmaneun itji marayo geudael saranghaneun baraemi
bireul tago geudae gyeote naeril tenikka

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Song Tags
Title: Love In The Rain
Artist: CNBLUE
Length: 3:43
Type: Live
Album: First Step
Genre: Acoustic


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